Monday, April 27, 2015

Leo Carillo Part Deux Blow Out

All good, but filled with the usual confusion. It was short and sweet and as always spending time off campus with our beloved leaders from Hedgerow is a dream come true.

You just never expect fresh flowers on a camping trip, but with these folks its a must.

I loved the drizzly weather and if it were not for the 50 mph wind warning from the ex-hippie snake wrangler campsite host living in a winne, I would have so enjoyed being there another night.

(with that said, it was soooo nice waking up in my bed Sunday morning)

For me it is a bit of a last hurrah as it will be the last camping trip of Luke's tenor at Hedgerow. But not the last camping trip, oh no

...and not the last camping trip for me either.

If you have comments leave them, photos you want posted, send them, otherwise see ya round the clubhouse.

photos courtesy of Frank

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leo Carillo 2015



APRIL 24th and 25th


Chris has graciously notified me that he is bring boards and wetsuits for general amusement, perhaps it is a good time to start thinking about the other things we have wanted, but did not have last time around. What I remember is:

  • campfire music
  • designated firewood organizer
  • extra lanterns for the night eating extravaganza
  • collapsible stand alone garbage bag holders
If you are interested in adding to this list, or making a commitment, please let me know!