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A Shameless plug that I can only do after two people thanked me for creating this blog. But there is so much more to explore! If you ever just wanted to spend a bit more time getting to know me you can always check out Interactiveblog of Hank.

Being in the photography trade I also have a photo blog. Feeling nostalgic for my meanderings?, suit yourself up with one of my tee shirts from my tee shirt store.

Here is a site devoted to a man that has set up free french toast and hugs gatherings all over the world!

Then there is the one and only website in the world devoted to Felt Town Play Rugs, or the ongoing project to archive, restore and share recordings from an underground pirate radio station that was on the air for twenty one days in 1971 broadcast from Hanoi, Vietnam (NSFW).

Something for the kids? Check out the limited edition comic book Super Leopard GeckoMan!

The list actually does go on:

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