Monday, June 2, 2008

First Trip! Refugio State Park, Santa Barbara Sept. 5-7

Photo gallery from Refugio Trip

Arrival Date: Fri Sep 05 2008
Departure Date: Sun Sep 07 2008
2 Nights
Campground: Refugio SB, CA
# of Occupants: 20 (min: 9, max: 32)
# of Vehicles: 8

One last chance to get together before the next school year. This trip was recommended by our own Marie Pederson and it sounds to me like Refugio is the perfect spot for us.

Refugio State Beach offers excellent coastal fishing as well as trails and picnic sites. Palm trees planted near Refugio Creek give a distinctive look to the beach and camping area. A bike trail along the beach bluff connects the beach with El Capitain State Beach, 2.5 miles east.

Refugio SB is located 20 miles West of Santa Barbara on Highway 101 at Refugio Road

I have not been to Refugio, but it sounds like a great place for us to have a GP Alumni get together. The site I booked looks SWEET! (it is the GANA group site. All by itself at the end of the loop)

Here is a Google Maps repository of all our camping adventures.

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Here is a review of the camping at Refugio. And another

When we get closer to the dates I will start asking for confirmation from interested parties. Until then have a GREAT SUMMER!


Liana said...

Julian and family are definitely planning on coming. Thanks, Henry, for organizing this trip.


Sue said...

Trent, Davian, Dave, and I are really looking forward to this trip. We are definitely IN...
Thanks, Henry!

Sue Mullins

mm said...

Thank you for doing this!!!!
Michael Paulin's family (Star 2008)

keepcomingback said...

Thanks for the comments and feedback, I look forward to all the trips.


Laurie said...

Laurie, Nuri, Gabriel, and Mae are in! We are looking forward to it!