Sunday, May 11, 2014

All is well

The more I go to that site, the more I appreciate it. Yet another wonderful trip filled with warm caring people and somehow the crazy winds decided not to creep into the Leo Carillo valley.

Highlights included:

Watching Ty eat four breakfasts including two helpings of Special K with red berries. A trip back to Malibu circa 1968 with naked children running everywhere at the beach. The COOKIES. Joe's marshmallow tree.

A special thank you goes out to Gino for invisibly starting and maintaining the most difficult Sunday morning fire I have ever witnssed. Way to go Gino, you are the offical Hedgerow firestarter!

And all without a single rattlesnake bite!

I did not take a single picture and if anyone wants to send me some via dropbox or another manner I will gladly post a slideshow here.

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